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Welcome to Ellie Starling’s Very Long Walk

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Hey, how’s it going?

You’re probably wondering what’s going on here. Well since March of 2014, I’ve been working on a video game that will tell the story of Ellie and her sweet adventures. There’s going to be a demo coming out pretty soon! It is exciting. You can follow the progress on the ol’ Tumblr, right here. If you wanna read the old pages of Ellie the webcomic, go right here.

This site will…eventually be the homepage for the game but right now my priority is actually making the game so don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

I understand some people are probably pretty bummed about the end of the comic. Sorry about that. The thing is, I can’t draw constantly these days. My hands get really bad pains and stuff if I do, so I couldn’t really keep up with the sheer amount of drawing that’s necessary to finish a comic. The video game didn’t replace the comic, I stopped working on the comic well before the game came about. So, I hope you won’t hold that against me, and I hope you will play┬áthe game and enjoy the continuation of Ellie’s story in that medium.

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