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Terrible Bad Things Happening

Terrible Bad Things Happening published on No Comments on Terrible Bad Things Happening

Today my girlfriend tried to leave for work and our car wouldn’t start. We can’t figure out what is wrong with it and I’m either going to have to spend a lot of money to get it fixed or else buy a new one entirely which is such a terrifying idea that it may as well be impossible. I know this is a long shot  but I am begging for commissions or donations for artwork and wallpapers to hopefully offset these costs.

For the first time I am also willing to sell the original artwork of certain pages of Ellie. Not every page is available since I switch pretty frequently from digital to traditional artwork and back, but I do have the original art to pages 22-27, 41-55, 64-70, 73-86, 89-91, 93-112, and 126-130. That’s right, you can buy original art to pages that have not happened yet (though they probably will have gone up by the time they ship to you). I’m pricing these originals at $20 a page. If you want to buy the original art to some of the bigger pieces I’ve done like the 1 year anniversary wallpaper or the mysterious forest, let me know and we can work something out.

Please please consider helping an artist who is kind of up the fricking creek at this point. thank you goodnight.


UPDATE: Since I realized this new theme doesn’t seem to add dates to posts I wanted to add that this is from October. Thanks to several kind donations from readers I was able to get my car back up and running fairly quickly and painlessly. Thank you so much. Donations are of course still very much appreciated if you want to contribute to the comic or just want the wallpaper.


Anniversary published on No Comments on Anniversary

Today is the comic’s first anniversary. Time has really flown by since last October, huh? Thanks to everybody for reading this long. Please tell your friends about the comic! I’ve got some big big plans for next year and beyond! In the meantime please enjoy this commemorative group picture featuring everybody and everything that’s been in the comic so far.


Tumblr published on No Comments on Tumblr

So earlier last week I converted the Tumblr into an all-Ellie exclusive tumblr. You can go there for updates, sketches, artwork and such as well as to ask me any questions you might have about the comic or characters.  The address is Right now its Worldbuilding Wednesday so please dont hesitate to ask stuff about the world of Idjarden.

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