Anybody want to buy some commissioned artwork from me?

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Hey, friends! I’m trying to save up some money for some much needed computer upgrades. If any of my readers are interested I’m offering commissions to try and speed along the process. Here are some recent artworks I’ve done (if you want to see stuff that’s not from the comic, that is)

If you want to see more stuff you can check out my deviantart or my Tumblr art tag. I work pretty cheap, you’re looking at $25 for most digital stuff, or more for really complicated or involved pieces. As always you can just kick me a couple of bucks for the donation wallpaper if you want. Thanks for your time!

Valentine’s Day Cards

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Yesterday’s big project was these – a set of four watercolored Valentine’s cards featuring Ellie and the gang. Of course Ellie refused to participate, but I still think they turned out pretty good. If anybody would be interested, I was thinking of selling prints of these! They would be about $5 for a set of all four. What do you think?

ellie_valentine kenny_valentine mizzle_valentine duncan_valentine


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In an effort to clean things up a bit, the concept art and the Keeper of Mysteries pages have been removed, so you can read Ellie Starling’s Very Long Walk uninterrupted from beginning to the current pages. These pages will go back up elsewhere on the site soon-ish. I really should have gotten around to this sooner!

Happy Holidays

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I’ve posted this on my Tumblr with this week’s pages, but in case you missed it: This week will be the last week of updates for 2012! But don’t despair cause I’ve got a little something special planned for the rest of the year. Next week I’ve got a short story that should get y’all scratching your heads about some of the more mysterious elements of the story. That will update Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then starting the 24th we’ve got behind the scenes sketches and concept art appearing all five days. We’ll return to Ellie and friends (and enemies?) on January 1st. Have a good holiday season!